Rehearsal Reminder

Hello everyone:

The time is growing short…Here’s the remaining schedule:

Tommorrow night is our last full rehearsal (Monday night 6:30 pm at the high school). If you are planning on playing November 11th the concert will begin at 7:00 pm Wednesday night.

The band will rehearse logistics on Tuesday Nov 10th at 6:30 pm. with the video, singers, our vocal, (this is My Country) and practice the presentation and retiring of the colors by a military escort.

There will be little time to work on music on the 10th, so we have pretty much tommorrow night Nov 2nd to nail the parts.

Please mark your calendar and make every effort to attend these important rehearsals before the baton drops the night of the concert.

Thank you all for sharing your time and talent with the Blairsville Community Concert Band.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Thanks again,


p.s We will celbrate the concert season and Veteran’s night concert at the Elks in Blairsville immediately following the concert Wed. night on the 11th.

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