Apollo Concert Program

Hi Everyone! Dave is having computer issues….so he asked me to send this out to y’all. Attached and below is the musical line up for tomorrow’s concert. Baton drops at 6:30. Please arrive in time to set up and don’t forget to bring a music stand if you have one. The band has some wire stands if you need one.

Blairsville Community Band Program

Apollo, PA July 6, 2016

6:30 pm

· Warm up with “Eternal Father”

· National Anthem (5X7 version)

· March – King Cotton

· Granada

· Flight of Valor – Please rise for a moment of silence, 911 remembrance “and as Americans, our motto remains “We will never forget”

· Taps (Key of “F”) THANK YOU

· March – Americans We

· Baby Elephant Walk

· Star Wars: The Force Awakens


· Olympic Theme and Fanfare

· NFL Films

· Pennsylvania Polka

· March – Invercargill

· Pirates of the Caribbean (Start at measure 17 …Remember to play “YOUR Note)

· Glenn Miller

· Stars and Stripes Forever

*Please have Grease ready just in case we need it.

Thank YOU for sharing your talent this evening!!!

Next Performance Derry Amphitheater Friday July 8th Rain or Shine!

(We will play at the Middle School in the event of rain)

Blairsville Community Band Program Apollo 2016.doc

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