Thank You Letter to Band – 2016

Forwarding attached letter from Dave Brozeski See attached and/or copy of same below…

From The Desk of Dave Brozeski,

Dear Community Band Members,

In reflecting on our Veteran’s Day Concert, as trite as it seems, I must say, I believe that Thursday’s concert was our best concert yet. You all played (and sung) superbly. I can’t tell you how many people were touched by the concert, as well as being super impressed with all the vocal solos and the band’s group singing of “Thank You, Soldiers”. Compliments are still coming in, and one person, who attended the concert, wrote a beautiful “Thank You “letter and enclosed a $30 check for the band.

As I have said before, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what we are thankful for. And YOU, the BCCBand, are truly a gift to me. I am very thankful for the opportunity to direct you. You are a great bunch of people and I couldn’t be prouder of you all.

I want to extend my heartfelt THANKS to all of you for the work and effort you put in during the course of our season. We had a fun summer season, and, to say we ended with a “bang” is an understatement. Thanks also to Pam, Jocelyn (and her son and Hubby), Karen Kerin, Don Varuola, the Turkey Man, and the band’s board of directors, as well as all who helped along the way. Needless to say, a SUPER BIG THANK YOU to Joe Profeta for all the work he does behind the scenes and the help he has given me personally. You are SUPER, Joe!

Finally, as we approach this upcoming holiday season, Ruth and I would like to extend to all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours! May God Bless You and Yours in the New Year.

See you in the spring
God Bless Us All,

The Polish Guy
Thank You Letter to Band – 2016.doc

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