5-9-2020 Band members and band friends and family:

First, I hope all who read this and their families and friends are well. These are unprecedented times. No one in our time has had to deal with the possibilities and uncertainties in handling and coping with “the virus”.

The band has been performing since the year 2000. We will perform again. Hopefully sooner rather than later. For the time being, please stay safe stay well, and if you are a band member…..(lol)  practice! I find practice helps me relieve some stress.

I tend to look for the bright spot in all situations. The longer we shelter in place, the more joyous will be the first rehearsal!

Hopefully, we can rehearse later this summer for our Veteran’s Day Concert. Only time will tell, as the progression of “the virus” it’s consequences, the possibility of assembling to rehearse the band, and the availability of the school or other place to rehearse are all still unknown to us at the time of this writing.

I miss you all, and look forward to our “First rehearsal” when the perceived or real danger of transmission of “the virus” has passed.

Remember you can visit other band members on Facebook.  If your not there already search Facebook for            Blairsville Community Concert Band

Until we meet again!

Musically yours!,


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